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My name is Donna Strater, I am the founder of Raven Insurance Services.  I have 20+ years in various roles within the insurance industry.  In working in this industry, I found that so many people felt confused and frustrated by their experience in shopping for insurance. 


They often were unsure if:

  • They were paying too much.

  • They have the proper coverage.   Insurance policies are written in legal language that can often confuse and frustrate you on a good day!  

  • How to make their insurance dollars cover what they need.

  • How to shop quickly and easily without being bombarded with a flood of phone calls, texts, and emails from agents as soon as you hit the send button on a website offering multiple carriers.

I want to change how folks feel about shopping for and protecting what matters most to them.  I believe that everyone deserves good insurance advice and plans.  I also firmly believe that insurance planning is not just for the wealthy!

I look forward to helping you in any way that I can!

All the best,

Donna Strater

What is on your calendar...?

As a small business owner, we try to plan as best we can for the unknown.  No one we know put accidents, injuries, sickness, their building burning down, getting sued or dying on their calendar! 


Life just happens and with proper insurance planning, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you did the best you could with your insurance dollars so that when something unexpected happens you can focus on what needs to happen next.  There is real value in proper insurance planning and we can show you how take the guesswork out of that in a way that is simple yet focused on your unique needs.  We have the tools and the passion to help you protect what matters most!

Let's talk.

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