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Everyone deserves a plan!

I love this quote because it really speaks to the basic concept of insurance planning...

"Long-range planning does not deal with future decisions, but with the future of present decisions."

Peter Drucker

It is never too early to plan. They key is to gain the knowledge and the resources to execute your plan. We believe everyone deserves access to comprehensive insurance planning. The thing is, comprehensive doesn't have to mean complicated or crazy expensive!

Like most things, especially in today's economy waiting to purchase insurance can cost you more...

How might this be relevant to you?

Life Insurance-your age and health are factored into premiums and life insurance can be purchased for children and grandchildren at an early age where there premium never increases as long as the premiums are paid. This also prevents someone from having to face not being eligible for life insurance down the road or the premiums are not feasible even with a carrier who will write it.

Homeowners and Auto-yes, rates typically go up each year, Did you know the longer you are with the same carrier, the greater your discount may be if you decide to shop and switch (we can talk with you more about this strategy)? Having an accident or any loss for that matter, without insurance or enough insurance in place is a whole other complication you want to try and avoid.

Bundling-when you don't have a package policy not only could you possibly be putting your assets and income at risk, but you could be missing out on discounts.

Business Insurance-carriers often want you to have prior insurance to consider writing you so not carrying the proper protection previously can work against you.

At Raven Insurance Services, we believe everyone deserves access to the resources to plan and we want to help make that possible for everyone. The importance of insurance is not taught in school, it is just perceived as another bill you have to pay each month. We want to change that for the better. With access to 100+ carriers for all types of insurance and our creative wisdom, we can work with you make informed decisions and create a plan that works for you now and as your needs change in the future. One that is affordable and easy to understand.

Let's work together to protect what matters to you now and your goals for the future!

All the best,

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