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How much coverage do I really need...?

There is no simple answer to that question. I know frustrating right? The good news is there are resources that can help you determine that. It all starts with a conversation with an agent who cares and will take the time to work with you to uncover what that looks like today and in the future!

It's about your unique financial picture today...

What are your current assets, income streams and such. You may be saying to yourself, why do you need to know if I own a home or other property or even what I make if I just want to purchase car insurance from you? Why can't I just carry the minimum coverage I need to be legal? The answer to that is complex:

  • You may be able to save on your car insurance if we bundle it with homeowners.

  • If you own property that property could be at risk if you do not carry enough coverage.

  • You may want to take that savings and invest it an umbrella policy to protect your assets more effectively should someone try to sue you or life insurance to provide for final expenses.

  • Our goal is to help you find ways to make your insurance dollars work hard for you not the other way around!

And as your situation changes...

Have you gotten married, purchased property, sold property, having kids, kids going off to college, kids getting married, changed jobs, lost a job, or gotten divorced? All of this can impact the types and amounts of coverage you may need or want.

Have economic conditions changed? The price of everything usually goes up, not down.

Vehicles cost has increased dramatically which means carrying the minimum isn't going to protect you if you total that shiny new truck that someone just drove off the lot. Not to mention bodily injury dollar amounts can add up quickly.

Saving a few dollars on your liability limits now can cost you dearly in the event you cause an accident! There is real truth in the thinking that it is only cheaper if you never have to use it and there is no way to know if and when that might be.

The best way to avoid that yes, to drive safely and to have a conversation with your agent about you insurance exposure more than once a year, especially once you understand the real exposure you have. It's about having a real relationship with an agent that will be there for you with answers to how to best protect what matters to you. Don't put off knowing if you have the right coverage in place. Le't talk!

All the best,

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